Fashion and Style Guides to Change your Life

Posted on 2 December 2020
By Milka Cherkezova
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Personal stylists are becoming an important part of life. It is not only of the Hollywood celebrity scene but of the lives of many fashion-conscious women worldwide including teenagers, officer goers and housewives.

A number of today’s upmarket stores, such as Saks Fifth Avenue, or commercial chains like the UK’s Debenhams, offer a personal shopper service to advice on what to wear and what to buy. They advise on what fits best and what looks better for different age groups and for various purposes.

Whether you want just a few tips on accessorizing your outfits or a complete image and wardrobe makeover, there are also a number of useful books, of course with good online reviews, which have recently appeared on the market.

These provide you with sound style advice, and applying some of the tips and tricks from these fashion gurus can give you the confidence to change your life. These gurus have helped an uncountable number of females for more than a decade in grooming and stand at par with others with the best guidance.

Style A To Zoe – Authors Rachel Zoe and Rose Apodaca

Celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe has motivated many a fashionista with her 2007 book, Style A To Zoe; The Art of Fashion, Beauty & Everything Glamour (Grand Central Publishing, October 2007).

This DIY style guide to becoming a glamazon is both practical and entertaining. The world’s most sought-after stylist (according to the Daily Mail, 5 October 2007) provides women with an insight into creating instant glamour, both from their wardrobes and in the home.

The Style A To Zoe book is full of useful tips like how to look your best in a photograph or in a YouTube video, building a glamorous wardrobe and how to use fashion accessories (or “accessories” as Zoe refers to them) to make your own style statement.

It also proffers some harsh words for those who wear trainers and sweat pants as part of their everyday attire. In praise of the book, editor of Harper’s Bazaar, Glenda Bailey, enthuses, “Rachel not only invites you into her fantasy world, but she also gives you a practical, a no-nonsense map on how to get there.”

The Little Black Book of Style – Author Nina Garcia

In this book titled The Little Black Book of Style (Collins, Sept 2007), formidable Project Runway judge and Elle fashion director gives some light-hearted tips on dressing well and creating a timeless classic wardrobe, made up of ten key pieces.

There is also advice on avoiding fashion-faux pas, plus designer tips and tricks for women who want to look great on a budget. In an Amazon review, reader B.L. Rodgers says, “The rules of style never really change.

But Nina Garcia does a great job at giving you the tools to edit your closet, your shopping habits and helping you discover and create your own style.” There are more positive reviews on Amazon as well as on the websites of other retailers.

What You Wear Can Change Your Life – Author Trinny and Susannah

UK TV style gurus, have over the years, wormed their way into many a fashion-forward woman’s bookshelves, with their series of down-to-earth, fashion and style guides. Their first book and accompanying TV series, What Not To Wear, earned them the reputation for being hard-hitting women who pulled no punches when it comes to fashion advice.

In one of their more recent books, What You Wear Can Change Your Life, (Riverhead Trade, February 2005), with their self-deprecating wit, Trinny and Susannah provide tips on defining your body shape, making the best use of color, editing your wardrobe, and espouse the virtues of body-shaping underwear.

It hones in on the five-life-changing stages of a woman’s life, and the psychological importance of feeling as well as looking good. Other style guides by Trinny and Susannah include The Body Shape Bible (Weidenfeld & Nicolson, September 2007), What Your Clothes Say About You (Weidenfeld & Nicolson, June 2006), and Trinny and Susannah Take on America (Collins, October 2006). This pair of makeover experts have an excellent website, full of great style advice, including their own “Rules” of fashion.

The Makeover Book – Author Jaqui Ripley

This practical little book is less of a glamorous, coffee-table-type guide and more of a quick reference. What it lacks in color illustrations, it makes up for by providing useful hints and tips on making over your image, your wardrobe and your life. In The Makeover Book (Piatkus Books, Dec 2004), Ripley offers easy-to-follow ideas and tips to boost your self-confidence and re-think your style.

From beauty treatments, women’s fashion, nutrition and the humble kitchen fridge, the chapters cover a wide range of issues This is an ideal guide for women who are stuck in a rut, and it encourages you to select one of your best features and flaunt it. UK’s Hello magazine hails it as “the ultimate look-good book.”

Twiggy’s Looking and Feeling Fabulous Over Forty

A wonderfully down to earth style guide hot off the presses, for over 40s women is Twiggy’s A Guide to Looking and Feeling Fabulous over Forty (Michael Joseph 2008), which gives some clever age-appropriate fashion, beauty and lifestyle tips. This is, so far, one of the best fashion books for middle-aged women.

It is an ideal guide for them and helps in building confidence in one’s own personality amid keeping a balance between family and profession. It offers some of the best tips about how to carry a fashion statement that looks mature as well as cynosure.


Fashion is the best companion for many, in fact for all the women and across the world. It helps in building up a sound personality and how to keep an individual stand out in a crowd. The above guides and books have helped millions of females, from teenager to mid-age, in grooming themselves and to enhance their personalities over time and with age. The tips and suggestions are worth implementing to overcome beauty issues and look better gradually. These are proven books and been favorites for many over the years.