Fantastic gifts for your bridal party

Posted on 12 February 2019
By Carlton Whitfield
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Tying the knot is an amazing stepping stone in life and being able to watch your best friend say “I do” to the man or woman of her dreams is something you’ll remember forever.

But before you can start thinking about catching bouquets or putting on your dancing shoes, nailing down the best bridal party gift is at the top of your priority list.

After months of attending cake tastings and dress try-ons, your bride-to-be is closer than ever to her big day. The bridal party is the ultimate pre-celebration which means the pressure is on for finding the ultimate gift. These 9 gift ideas will surely bring a smile to your bride-to-be’s face!

1. Custom constellation map

Their love was written in the stars, so turn that night sky into a tangible memory they can hold. Their anniversary, their wedding day, or the proposal day all make for the perfect captured moment. The Night Sky uses an expansive star catalog by the European Space Agency to access the position of the stars on any given date in the future or in the past.

2. Comfy post-ceremony shoes

Once vows are exchanged and kisses have sealed the deal, the bride changes out of her wedding gown and into a more dance-ready reception gown. Along with this wardrobe change, she will likely skip the heels in favor of a more comfortable shoe.

Give her the gift of comfort with a pair of stylish flats she can wear for the night. A cute pair of wine flats or black pointed flats are closet footwear staples she can wear with any outfit after the wedding festivities end.

3. Gemstone earrings

When a bride is selecting her wedding day outfit, she’ll have a pretty good idea of exactly what she wants to look like from head to toe. If you know your bride-to-be’s style like the back of your hand, selecting a pair of dainty gemstone earrings could be the special last minute alteration she makes to her ensemble. Whether it’s her birthstone or her favorite type of opal, the perfect gemstone doubles as the perfect wedding jewelry.

4. Monogrammed weekender bag

She only has a few more weeks or months with her maiden name, so now is the time to capitalize on all of the new monogrammed goods she’ll need. In preparation for their upcoming destination honeymoon in the Mediterranean, a roomy monogrammed weekender bag will be the perfect addition to her luggage set. Whether she packs light or packs heavy, a weekender bag is an ultimate inbetweener for her busy lifestyle.

5. Silk pajamas

She’s worked her butt off to make her wedding dreams a reality but still has to deal with the headache of finalizing guest lists and keeping her bridesmaids in line. When it’s finally time to rest, let her lay in the lap of luxury in a pair of silk pajamas.

6. Sunglasses

You can never have too many pairs of chic sunglasses, and any proper fashionista needs a few pairs to make sure her outfits are always on point. Picking out the right sunglasses for certain face shapes and style tastes can be difficult, so be sure to survey the type of sunglasses she likes best before wrapping up them up and gifting them.

7. Embroidery art

Now that your favorite couple will be sharing the same last name, they’ll be itching to decorate their home with cute custom pieces that make their marriage feel even more official. There’s nothing homier than a handcrafted and personalized embroidered art piece hanging on the front door. And the featured established date keeps the memory of their big day alive and immortalized in art!

8. Makeup bag

Whether she’s doing her own makeup for her wedding day or enlisting the help of a professional, she’ll need to have her essentials handy for the best beat. Pop and Suki’s customizable makeup cases come in nine adorable finishes that will fit any fashionista’s style.

9. Personalized wedding dress hanger

Common an object as a hanger may be, there’s no skirting around the fact that your bride-to-be will need one for her big day gown. A personalized wedding hanger featuring her new married name is the creative gift that could bring a tear to her eyes.

After the wedding, she could even hang it up in her home as a cherished relic from her wedding day.

No matter how you decide to spoil your beautiful bride-to-be, thoughtful gifts will always reign supreme. Make sure she heads into her married life in style with the perfect bridal party gift!