Euphoria Season 2 – get the looks from the smash hit HBO Max sho

Posted on 3 February 2022
By Harley Mullen
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With season 2 of the hit show Euphoria coming back on our screens, we thought we would walk you through where you can get some of the most sought after pieces from the show.

Focussing on three stand out characters, we will tell you where to find the high end items along with some affordable alternatives.

Having broken the HBO Max viewer record with its season 2 opener, Euphoria is the show on everybody’s mind.

With 2.4 million viewers tuning in to catch up with the characters stories, fans of the series, staring Zendaya, are going wild with theories of what the new season will hold.

The weekly release of episodes is already giving us major outfit inspiration.

The dazzling looks which formed a large part of the show’s appealing aesthetic, sparked a whole community of viewers recreating their own versions of ‘Euphoria style’ fashion.


One of the biggest style icons from the show is undoubtedly the fierce Maddy Perez.

Channelling your inner Maddy will require bold eye makeup, a huge gem collection and lots of cut out clothing.

This eye-catching outfit kicked the show off with a bang and we expected nothing less from the diva. The dress and gloves can be found on the Akna website for $230.

But don’t worry we’ve found some cheaper alternatives that are just as stylish.

This PrettyLittleThing dupe is just £30 (see pictures).

Motel Rocks also have a price friendly alternative, with this long sleeved black mini dress for £35.

Another of Maddy’s show stopping outfits is this I.AM.GIA co-ord.

Actress Alexa Demi wore this gorgeous two piece as Maddy at the carnival in episode 4.

The original outfit can be bought separately from I.AM.GIA. The ‘LUCID TOP’ comes in a range of colours for £32 and the ‘LUCID PANTS’ can be purchased on the site for £58.

These cut out strappy flare trousers from Boohoo are a perfect dupe for just £7.

Paired with this cute £17 bralette from Gilly Hicks on Asos, your Maddy inspired outfit is complete.

Kat Hernandez

Kat Hernandez, played by actress Barbie Ferreira, had one of the biggest style transformations in season 1.

Moving from soft tones to studs and bold colours, Kat’s fashion choices represent her evolution as a character.

As she learns to love herself and become more confident, she expresses the new version of herself through her daring style.

To dress like Kat, you need some staple leather accessories. This red leather choker can be found on amazon for an amazing £2.84 (see pics).

Costume designer Heidi Bivens really pushed the boundaries of Kat’s newfound sexiness with body harnesses such as the one pictured above.

You can get your own to spice up your outfits on Amazon for £32.99.

Rue Bennett

Main character Rue, played by Emmy award winning actress Zendaya, is battling a serious drug addiction so style isn’t always her top priority. Her laid back casual approach to fashion gives chic ‘tomboy’ vibes.

To get the Rue look – oversized t-shirts and hoodies are essential.

This burgundy oversized hoodie worn throughout the show acts as a comfort blanket for Rue and as a reminder of her late father. Pull and Bear offer a similar one for £27.99.

To complete the look, this AliExpress express t-shirt (pictured above) is almost identical to Rue’s.

Catch up with new episodes of Euphoria and keep up to date with all the new looks by heading to HBO Max or Sky Atlantic at 2AM every Monday morning.