Close-knit Hollywood community: Leading ladies knit

Posted on 13 May 2013
By Jo Ching
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Knitting has become a popular past-time in Hollywood, for actresses who use idle time between takes to knit blankets and shawls.

Beautiful leading ladies Uma Thurman, Amanda Seyfried and flame-haired vixen Christina Hendricks are giving young girls another reason to raid grandma’s knitting basket.

Christina Hendricks was spotted hugging her knitting on the set of her TV show I Don’t Know How She Does It in 2011.

Uma Thurman knitted on-set in between takes of her new TV show Smash, filmed in New York.

Amanda Seyfried took up crocheting so she could repair her moth-eaten Alexander Wang cashmere pants – why weren’t they in a protective cover?! The star said: “I went to a crochet class and learnt how to make cashmere patches for them.”