Cara Delevingne sports Jeremy Scott Gorilla Adidas originals

Posted on 9 October 2013
By Carlton Whitfield
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Cara Delevingne is stepping further into her role as muse for Jeremy Scott – after being spotted in a pair of his Gorilla Adidas originals at Heathrow Airport coming back from a gig in Brazil.

Jeremy has shaped his unique style enclave, far removed from big business fashion – since his first collection in 1997.

Having recruited a band of obsessively loyal fans with such delights as four sleeved sweaters, pink poodle sneakers and a catalogue of pop princess costumes worn by Rihanna, Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj.

Cara has said that the worst part of being a model is having to wear high heels, so unsurprisingly as soon as she finishes her catwalk duties she switches to sporting something more comfortable.

The blonde babe appears to favour his loud and brash style for Adidas Originals and was snapped wearing his Native American infused sneaks and is now keeping her tootsies warm with the furry monkeys on.

Speaking about his Adidas colab Jeremy said: “Adidas has allowed me to bring my ideas to such a global scale without having to compromise.

“It’s been clear evidence that people want stronger fashion, something special but made accessible and affordable.”