Beauty Review: Sassoon salon, Liverpool Met Quarter

Posted on 22 November 2011
By Angela Johnson
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Sassoon Liverpool enjoys a swish location on The Met Quarter’s upper floor – yet, somehow, the enterprise had entirely slipped my radar.

Sassoon’s name is synonymous with excellence when it comes to hairstyling, and I had long harboured a desire to sample the expertise the brand has to offer.

A reckless experimental attitude towards my bonce – even through the ‘wild’ teenage years – has never been my style, ever since a bad experience at another well-known chain. Indeed, I have been over-cautious when it comes to trusting an unfamiliar salon with my crowning glory.

A creeping dread fills me when I clap eyes on stylists sporting bright orange or pink hairstyles, whom I applaud for being so bold, but nevertheless remain entirely ‘not-my-cup-of-tea.’

Sassoon proudly boast an approach to “hair design” rather than mere “styling” (SO last century) and declare their mission as a study of the individual’s characteristics and personal style in a bid to “create the ultimate individualised look that’s effortlessly sophisticated.”

It’s true, the appearance of Sassoon’s staff instantly reassures that you are in safe hands as every single member of the team is impeccably groomed, with hair styled neatly to exude personality, with vibrant yet subtle colours which enhance a look rather than shout at the beholder.

Booking an early morning appointment with Sassoon Liverpool’s Creative Director Cole Thompson, I was surprised to find the man himself greeting me, graciously taking my coat before indulging in a consultation about my wants and fears when it comes to hair. Having worn uninspiring shoulder-length hair in layers for the past few years, approaching my thirties, I feel it’s time to take a chance before it’s too late and the purple rinse brigade arrives just around the corner.

Describing to Cole my desire for a fairly trendy hairstyle which can be styled easily to suit my natural waves or straightened for a sleek, professional look, Cole agreed a classic ‘bob’ may be the perfect style for me. “Bang on trend” for 2011, the classic A-line bob has seen a rise in popularity and I’d been mulling-over having the chop for a while.

Cole advised a medium length so as to accommodate the inevitable shortening when my waves lift and take shape, and would be easily tamed by my trusty straighteners when necessary. It felt wonderful to hear Cole repeat back precisely what I was after, offering me reassurance that my lack of experimentation, allowing the hair to fall into its natural shape most days, is one of the best approaches for a style that truly suits the individual.

Similarly undaring when it comes to colour, speaking with colourist Kim (a wonderfully friendly Canadian who’s just relocated to Liverpool) she suggested I try a ‘Vegetable Rinse’ (£40) – entirely natural without a hint of chemicals – the rinse would give a temporary colour to my hair whilst increasing its health and shine. A Luxury Conditioning treatment (£15-£25) for medium length hair was also recommended, to really bring the best out of my locks. Intrigued, and more than happy to give a temporary “chocolate” sheen a go, I allowed Kim to set to lathering my hair with gorgeous-smelling products before a 25-minute break in the heat machine (incidentally, you are invited to read ‘Heat’ magazine as you wait) to allow the rinse to truly work its magic.

Handing me back over to Cole for my cut and style, I was thrilled to see my brand new Classic A-line bob with some layering take shape. Watch out Posh Spice! Cole carefully explained each stage of the cut and style, considerate of the customer’s needs at every step.

The Sassoon experience really does make you feel like you’re an A-lister being prepped for a red carpet bash. The Vegetable Rinse enhanced my natural brunette curls and I lost count of the compliments as to how ‘shiny’ my hair looked that evening. The perfect answer for ladies or gents looking for a quick colour boost without committing to a permanent dye.

At £75 for a Cut and Blow Dry, costs are a little higher than the average salon, but Sassoon is no average salon. You just can’t beat that uplifting ‘just stepped out of the salon’ feeling and, two weeks since visiting the team at Liverpool’s Sassoon, my hair still feels enriched from the experience, as does my confidence, and that’s far more important than the price tag.

9/10 Sassy!

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For appointments call : 0151 227 1450

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