A look at the most iconic fashion trends from the 90s

Posted on 17 April 2021
By Heidi Hewlings
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The 90’s were no doubt an exciting time for fashion.

We saw a clash of trends that made unforgettable statements, while some were so quietly cool that they still remain staples in our wardrobes today.

The frills and shoulders pads of the 80’s were replaced with a more minimalistic look, as slip dresses and dungarees signalled low maintenance dressing. The decade is often described as ‘a less glamorous style of the 80s,’ where practical clothes as well as street style became more prominent.

Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss, and Cindy Crawford were key names who dominated this era of dressing, ruling the runway and remaining fashion icons today.

While the 90s can be praised for providing us with now favourable sportswear and kitten heels, there are some trends that can be kept firmly in the past.

Here is a lookback at some of the most memorable and iconic trends of the 90’s.

Halter neck Tops

The halter neck top was the official top of the 90’s, often paired with boot-cut jeans.

Recently they have made a comeback, with fast fashion sites hopping on the trend and dubbing them a summer must have.

Branded Sportswear

Nothing screams 90’s fashion more than a head-to-toe FILA tracksuit.

The trend was popular with both men and women, adopting casual sportswear as a staple of the decade.

Princess Diana was among those who embraced the trend, often photographed wearing biker shorts, sporty crew necks and tube socks paired with chunky trainers.

The little black dress

A simple little black dress was a huge fashion trend of the 90’s, made fashionable by Christy Turlington, Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss, and Jennifer Aniston.

Introduced by Coco Chanel, the LBD is a black evening or cocktail dress, cut simply and often quite short.


Overalls were massive in the ’90s, especially worn with one strap hanging down.

A favourite with Will Smith and the members of NSYNC, who rocked this look with effortless confidence.

Checked Skirt suits

If you’ve watched the 90’s chick flick ‘Clueless,’ no doubt you’ve been inspired to add a plaid print skirt to your basket after Alicia Silverstone rocked the iconic look.

Plaid mini skirts paired with long socks and white shirts was also a recognisable style in the movie, becoming another well-loved outfit choice in the 90’s.

Bucket hats

While the bucket hat is mainly used for fashion over function, the item was worn as a statement accessary to an array of outfits.

Even though this trend might have started with Liam Gallagher and the Manchester music scene, the likes of All Saints and Naomi Campbell were seen promoting this look too.

Flared Jeans

Way before tightly fitted skinny jeans came into fashion, wide leg designs were the denim go-to.

Often paired in the 90’s with baggy T-shirts and chunky sports trainers, the preference for oversized and loose silhouettes made them a favourable day time piece.

Biker Jackets

Leather biker jackets were seen as the paragon of an edgy 90’s style.

Many men rocked these fashionable jackets, including those who had never been on a motorbike!