7 Ways Our Dressing Style Changed In Quarantine

Posted on 22 September 2021
By Pierce King
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The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed everything about our lives. Right from how we work to how we shop and how we work out, nothing is the same anymore.

It has also changed the way we dress. Since a lot of us spent the past year at home, we have forgotten our formal wear and dressy outfits.

They have been replaced with comfortable t-shirts and loungewear. We never know when the world will return to normal but for now, we can see a strong transformation in our wardrobe.

We have added comfier, around-the-house alternatives that include loungewear to sneakers. Additionally, the no-makeup has also saved a lot of time for us and our faces remain covered with face masks, the ultimate accessory of the past year.

Here is a roundup of pandemic fashion
and the ways popular styles were born from quarantine while our old fashion pieces lay at the back of the wardrobe.

1. Loungewear

One of the biggest additions to our wardrobe is loungewear. It is a relaxed cousin of athleisure and has become a hot commodity. It continues to rule the fashion style in 2021. Whether you prefer a comfy pair of joggers or a matching blue set, loungewear is the new stay-at-home uniform and will continue to remain so. Several brands have launched an extensive range of loungewear that will make you want to stay at home at all times. After the pandemic, it is all about comfort and loungewear offers optimal comfort.

2. Flip flops

When was the last time you wore heels or dressy shoes? The pandemic and remote work mean that heels will go to the back of the closet while your cosy slippers or flip flops will become your everyday go-to footwear. Some styles have become so coveted that they were sold out entirely. One of the must-have items in the last few months is ugg slippers. Whether you are attending a zoom meeting or sitting with your kids in their online class, you can always wear your comfortable slip-on.

3. Activewear

Gyms have been closed for a year due to the pandemic and home workouts have become the new norm. Along with the home workouts and online yoga, we saw a surge in activewear sales. You can find some amazing brands ideal for exercise enthusiasts. They are available in every colour and style, suitable for daily wear. Leggings have become one of the must-haves in the wardrobes. We have also seen the return of gothic style clothing including sweatshirts and hoodies when there is a chill in the weather.

4. Face Masks

The one thing you cannot leave your home without is a face mask. It is recommended for everyone to wear a face mask when stepping out. Even vaccinated individuals should have a face mask when they are headed outdoors. Some of the biggest brands in the world have cashed in on the trend and introduced new face masks. There are several face masks you can try. They are triple-layered, breathable, and highly comfortable. A lot of fashionistas are investing in face masks that go with their personal style.

5. Basic sneakers

It is not only the clothes that have changed with the pandemic but even our shoes have become a lot more casual. Our favourite footwear- sneakers have come to the forefront and become the go-to for everyday wear. They are all over social media and are approved by some of the top celebrities. Sneakers are comfortable and easy to pair with anything.

6. Pajamas

The pandemic has made us realize that pajamas are no longer only for sleeping. They have become an appropriate outfit for lounging around the house and working from home. We have spent an entire day lounging in the pajamas and there is nothing as comfortable and cosy as them. You can find cute pairs from some of the popular brands.

7. Zoom tops

Pajamas and loungewear are perfect when you do not have anywhere to go but you need to have the right clothes for a video meeting with your colleagues and boss. You will need a few ‘zoom’ tops that look professional but not over-the-top. You can find several comfortable and polished tops that have stylish necks and sleeves for workwear.

These are the 7 ways our wardrobe has undergone a change due to the pandemic. All of us have missed our workwear and dressy outfits but we have certainly enjoyed the comfort of loungewear and activewear.

Whether you are heading to a neighbourhood shop or to grab a cup of coffee, these outfits are ideal to step out.

It took a pandemic to make us realize the importance of comfort over everything else and we are finally embracing it.