5 things you’re forgetting while styling outfits

Posted on 8 November 2020
By Dana Andersen
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When an outfit looks good, its easy to explain which parts of it have come together to create something that looks amazing, but when an looks just fine, it can be difficult to put your finger on exactly what it is thats lacking.

Here’s five things your outfit might be missing, that’ll take it from a standard outfit to a real ‘look’.

First, jewellery can add so much to an outfit.

You can use it to draw the eye to where you want it, like using a statement necklace or earrings to draw the eye upwards, or some chunky rings to draw peoples eyes more towards your the middle of your outfit.

Even belly chains and anklets are making a come back, so its easier than ever to add a little sparkle to force attention to your favourite thing you’re wearing.

Alongside that, belts are a great way to complete an outfit that many people seem to shy away from.

They don’t just have to be used to keep your trousers up, they can be used to cinch in any dress or shirt, they can add interest with unique colours or buckles, and they’re a great way to smarten up an otherwise very casual outfit.

A good belt can also open up your shopping experience, allowing you to finally buy those trousers that are just a little bit too big, or that skirt you’re not quite sure will stay up.

Less useful but equally fun to accessorise with, hats can give an outfit an entirely different aesthetic while barely changing anything.

Theres also such an array of styles, even if you’re not a hat person, there will be some type of hat out there that looks amazing, and once its been discovered, you can just buy it in every colour you can find.

Dropping right down from hats, the fourth item many people seem to neglect is socks!

From knitted grandad style socks, to the increasingly popular tulle socks popping up everywhere, theres always a type of sock that will look amazing with an outfit, and especially when moving into statement socks they can really help to make an outfit.

The best way to make a statement though, is with your actual body! Hair, nails and make up, or the lack of those things, can transform an outfit into a completely different style with minimal effort.

An otherwise fussy outfit can look almost simple and definitely relaxed just by keeping your hair down and not wearing make up, or a boring outfit can become anything you want depending on how you style your hair and paint your nails!

A lot of what really makes an outfit though, is making it yours. Clothes, shoes and accessories can’t make the wearer into something they’re not, but the wearer can entirely alter the outfit into something amazing.