5 reasons Gen Z are making their own clothes

Posted on 16 November 2020
By Dana Andersen
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If you’ve been on Youtube or TikTok lately, you’ve probably noticed that making your own clothes from scratch is becoming popular again, and chances are you’ve asked the question “Why?”

One of the most popular reasons is that home made fashion is much more sustainable and eco friendly than buying new.

Negative sides to fast fashion are getting more attention, and one of the easiest ways to entirely cut off any need for it, is to just make your own clothes.

You know that no one has had to work in poor conditions to make the garment, you can choose fabrics and other items that are sourced sustainably, and you can recycle old clothes!

Another reason would be that for anyone finding it difficult to find the clothing they want to wear, the most obvious solution is to make it themselves.

Thankfully social media has made it easier than ever to find out how to sew, follow patterns, and anything else anyone would need to know to pick up the basics to start creating their own pieces.

Social media has also bought out a want to be unique in many people, and the easiest way to guarantee fashion choices are one of a kind, is to make your own one of a kind item.

Even if other users try to replicate the item, chances are it will just result in everyone having their own one of a kind creation.

Affordability is a big issue for a lot of people when it comes to buying the clothes that most fit their style, and DIY fashion gives much more freedom to find bargains and affordable ways to dress to their chosen aesthetic.

Traditional sewing materials can be expensive, but curtains or duvet covers are the perfect alternative to fabric from a craft store, and though thread can be found inexpensively, it can also be recycled from old items.

Finally, making your own clothes guarantees a good fit, provided you measure and sew everything properly.

Anyone who has ever bought clothes know how inconsistent and frustrating sizing can be from store to store, and that is entirely avoided when making clothes that fit to the one body that’ll be wearing it.

No more baggy pants or skirts that fall down, gone are dresses too big on the bust or shirts too tight at the waist.

There are many reasons people choose to make their own clothes, and these are just five of them, so why not find your own and give DIY designs a go?