5 90’s Style Steals

Posted on 2 February 2021
By Dana Andersen
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Fashion may come and go, but movies and TV show classic are always there for us to return to.

Here are five characters that arrived to screen both big and small in the 90’s, who’s style is definitely still something you’ll want to steal.

First up is Rene Mosier from Mallrats. The 1995 comedy may not be where you’d expect fashion inspiration to strike, but thanks to the casual mall outfits and how effortlessly Shannen Doherty pulls it off, it’s impossible for it not to.

The short dress, thigh high socks and oversized mens jacket she wears for the majority of the movie is the exact type of preppy grunge look we don’t see replicated often enough.

In at two and three are Tia and Tamera from Sister, Sister. Though the two twins often dress in similar items, the different ways they style each outfit is the perfect visualisation of the way it’s not just the clothes that matter in a look.

Plus, running from 1994 to 1999 means you get a great look at how fashion evolved. Many outfits in the earliest seasons still have clear 80’s inspiration, moving more into recognisably 90’s looks as time goes on and giving plenty of great inspiration.

Phoebe from Charmed also absolutely has a place in this list. For anyone open to wearing more revealing, quirky items with a 90’s to early 00’s twist, Phoebe should be the very first person you look at.

Most of her outfits were a combo of some kind of crop top, often crocheted, shorts, and clunky shoes, kind of like a slightly more natural Bratz doll, and she always looked incredible.

Last but not least has to be Kate Libby from Hackers. Although not the best of movies, Kate, played by the always flawless Angelina Jolie, shows off all the best cyberpunk inspired outfits of the 90’s.

Plenty of high necked shirts, strange silhouettes and skin tight choices are available here, along with a few interesting make up looks and hair styles.

Whether you want to replicate the perfect outfit, or draw inspiration from the decade that saw an explosion of subcultures and fashion choices, stealing the styles from any of these characters is the perfect place to start.