4 Different Ways You Can Use Hair Extensions In The Summer

Posted on 29 June 2022
By Jo Ching
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Hair extensions have come a long way from the tacky and coloured wefts sported by Britney Spears to luxurious full-length shiny locks by Ariana Grande.

Today, there are more options for extensions than ever and more ways you can use them than most of us had imagined a decade ago. As summer is the perfect time to try and flaunt different hairstyles, here are four ways to use hair extensions you can never go wrong with.

1. To Try Out a New Hairstyle

If you are eyeing a new hairstyle that involves a brave haircut or bangs that you have never tried before, hair extensions might just be your best bet.

For instance, if you are looking to get curtain or blunt bangs, it would be a good idea to get clip-in hair extensions in that style and wear them on your forehead for a few days before you make a conclusive decision. You can also try hair extensions for a while before getting bold and brightly coloured hair streaks on your natural hair.

2. To Add Fullness to Your Hairdos

Many women struggle with limp and lifeless hair, and cannot for the life of them make a full ponytail like the one they see and yearn for on red carpets.

You can use hair extensions to add fullness to your hairdos whether they be high ponytails inspired by Ariana Grande or messy buns courtesy of Emma Stone. Hair extensions can also be used to add thickness to your braids. Any hairdo looks undeniably 10x better with fuller hair rather than with finer hair, and hair extensions help you achieve just that.

3. To Add Volume to Your Locks

Hair extensions can also be used to add volume to your natural hair. Do not confuse volume with thickness as the former refers to an overall bounce in your natural hair whereas the latter refers to the overall appearance of your hair in a hairdo.

To add volume to your hair, it is best recommended to use salon ready tape hair extensions that get sandwiched between your natural hair and help make it look like you have a head full of hair.

4. To Add Some Colour to Your Hair

If you are considering adding some colour to your hair but are afraid of the damage caused by chemicals in hair dyes, hair extensions are an ideal solution for you. If you have always craved getting lowlights, highlights or an Ombre in your hair, hair extensions can help you achieve just that without any chemical damage whatsoever.

If you want to add a bright pop of colour to your hair temporarily such as a bright pink or a bright blue for a themed event, hair extensions are ideal for that too.


Hair extensions are a God-sent accessory for beauty enthusiasts all over the world. Hair extensions allow you to add fullness, thickness, texture and colour to your hair, and help you break away from the monotonous patterns of your natural hair.