3 easy-to-thrift fall trends

Posted on 24 November 2020
By Dana Andersen
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As each season comes around, we’re told we must buy this or that, which is guaranteed to be the ‘must have’ item of the season.

Fast fashion relies on the general public listening to that and buying it, but luckily enough, we have more ways than ever to buy new clothes.

With fashion once again cycling around to have a vintage flare, its easier than ever to shop sustainably second hand, and still get the hottest styles of the season.

One major must have for this autumn winter season is the sweater vest, making a real revival outside of math teachers for the first time in decades.

Almost every charity shop has a rail of sweater vests in a variety of fetching patterns, and they’re plenty cheaper than making a purchase online or on the high street.

Add the environmental factor of shopping second hand, and it’s hard to understand why fast fashion stores are even still in business.

Alongside the sweater vest, school style seems to be making a big come back since pleated skirts are everywhere.

From the class room to the runway, pleated skirts are thankfully usually just as easy to find preloved.

Whether it was once someones school skirt, work skirt or tennis skirt, they’re rarely hard to find.

The very most you might need to do is cut it down to the length you want, since many of them tend to be knee length or longer.

It may be more work than just buying it from the same stores as everyone else, but it’ll be a unique piece, and you can use all those DIY hashtags when you show it off online!

For those of us not so into skirts, flared trousers are the alternative this season.

Thankfully, they’ve been very unpopular up until recently, so most charity shops and thrift stores have been over run with them for years and almost give them away.

With fast fashion pushing this style so hard, there’s even a good chance of finding the same brands that the influencers and fashionistas are purchasing after all.

Buying second hand is unpredictable, but that’s half the fun!

If you can’t find the pieces that are on the hot lists right now, you’re already in the best place to start your own trend.