00’s trends making a come back

Posted on 15 July 2020
By Dana Andersen
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The early 2000’s saw some real craziness and complete lack of thought, and when it came to styling outfits, that really carried over.

There are a few of those trends though that should, and perhaps will, make a come back yet.

Most noticeably in our daily lives, the skinny jeans and jeggings that ruled the 2010’s, are finally dying out.

Flares and bootcut jeans are making their comeback, though for now we are at least keeping them high waisted. Low rise jeans are something the 00’s can keep.

Once you got the perfect boot cut jeans, the only way to style them in 2002 was with a cute satin baby doll top over a plain t-shirt. Or really, any strappy top over a t-shirt or long sleeved shirt.

Thats right, thats made a come back too. It bled over from the 90’s to the 00’s, and now its a trend for the 2020’s too.

Layering, shiny fabrics, and jeans that leave something to the imagination…has street wear of the 2020’s become a 2004 Disney Channel premier?

It just might have, because the trendiest way to finish off that outfit is obviously with plenty of clips in your hair.

Revived by the E-girls of Tik-Tok, who may or may not actually be old enough to remember the 00’s, overloading your head with butterfly clips and snap clips is the height of fashion once again.

Just like that, the outfit you might have worn to your year six disco will get you internet adoration in your 20’s.

Don’t worry if you really want to really complete the ‘vintage’ look. We’ve been seeing companies like Samsung working on a modernised, touch screen flip phone.

Did anything feel better than snapping your phone closed after arguing with your parents about what time you had to be home?

You may be able to relive that again soon!