Last-minute Halloween costume ideas (quarantine addition)

Posted on 31 October 2020
By Milka Cherkezova
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So let’s turn those Halloween frowns upside down… even though many of us will be celebrating All Souls Eve at home with our families – instead of going to town to a demonic disco or a party with our mates.

We can still have monster fun with our nearest and dearest. Hiding in a cupboard and jumping out on unsuspecting sisters and brothers can be even more scary than usual!

Yes, even though Instagram will be flooded with the usual ‘scary slutty’ costume photo shoots – we urge you to enjoy the most of this special time of year in a child like way. Stay safe y’all!

Why don’t you hold a funniest costume contest at home with the family?

This could give you an opportunity to show your family that you are in fact the funniest freaky face at the spooky dinner table. It could be inspired by a meme or an old vine or an inside joke you and your family has with each other.

The new TikTok ghost trend.

This is one of my favourite TikTok trends for Halloween. All you’ll need for this is long, white sheets and sunglasses. Put them all together and go have a photoshoot in the garden with the family. Totally great family fun. Plus if you upload some videos while doing the trend on TikTok you could go temporarily viral – in the fun old sense, not the dreaded C word way.

Celebrity Imposer

Why not throw on some clothes and do your make up similar to a celebrity you and your family admire? Maybe you could all dress up as Kardashians. Or you could all dress up as different celebrities and make a game out of guessing who you are. Although, if your own flesh and blood can’t tell who you are… epic fail!

History is the new mystery

This is similar to the celebrity idea but with historical characters. The costumes might be harder to find last minute for this one (depending on the historical character), however it’d be great fun to test the rest of your family’s knowledge of history.

‘Among us’ characters

Grab a colour coordinated outfit from your wardrobe and play a real life game of ‘Among us’ with everyone in the family. It’s another way of proving to your family that you are in fact the smartest member of the family.