Factory Girl fashion: Get the look

Posted on 20 January 2014
By Alicia Martin
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The biopic Factory Girl tells the story of socialite and muse Edie Sedgwick, who became Andy Warhol’s muse in the 1960s.

Sienna Miller takes on the role of Edie, who soon finds that her life at artist Warhol’s famous Factory isn’t as glamorous as she first thought.

After meeting Warhol at a party in 1965, Sedgwick’s blonde pixie crop and kohl lined eyes captivated Warhol and she soon became the ‘Queen of The Factory’ – the New York studio where the pop artist and his inner circle worked hard and partied harder.

She was the opposite of the stereotypical society heiress of the time and people were fascinated by her.

Punk legend Patti Smith said: “She was such a strong image that I thought: ‘That’s it.’ It represented everything to me, radiating intelligence, speed, being connected with the moment.”

Since her death, Sedgewick’s personal style has continued to inspire fashion designers all over the world.

John Galliano, Creative Director at Christian Dior said: “She may have had 15 minutes of fame but her style and image influenced a whole generation.”

The outfits featured in the film emulate Sedgwick’s signature mod style perfectly. With the clean lines, bright colours and bold geometric prints that were popular in the 60’s, the socialite became known for mini dresses teamed with bare feet or opaque tights and leotards, accessorised with statement jewels, false eyelashes and huge chandelier earrings.

The pieces worn by Sienna Miller in Factory Girl were, not surprisingly, mostly vintage however you can find similar pieces on the high street season after season.

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