Best of Independent Liverpool – Resurrection

Posted on 18 December 2013
By Leah Marggraf-Turley
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Resurrection is a statement as much as a brand. It stands defiantly on Liverpool’s Bold Street waving a two fingered salute and sneering at its corporate competitors.

Emblazoned in a bright orange exterior, the store makes its mark before you even step foot inside.

Your eardrums are immediately greeted with a retro hip hop soundtrack that frames the low-rider bikes and arcade games adorning the store.

Mastering a fringe fashion vibe, Resurrection is a Mecca for mods, skaters and hipsters alike, offering unique styles which set them apart from most high street stores.

But, what really sets Resurrection apart from its competitors is a wide of independent and branded labels showcased side by side.

Mashing up branded and independent designers perfectly sums up the ethos of the store – just be unique.

Seeing off countless fashion trends since it opened in 1991, the owners have remained loyal to their roots, providing unique brands and style to a fierce base of customers.

The store has stood as a bastion of unique style for more than a decade and is showing no signs of slowing down.

The Resurrection style of fashion revolution is now available in your front room since the store launched its online shop.

It is now possible to access the complete Resurrection collection 24 hours a day. To stay up to date with all of Resurrections offers and sales make sure you follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

Here are some of our favourite outfits;

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Lauren is wearing white linen shorts (£25), which is finished off with a simple white vest and a blue vintage styled top (£20).

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Karl has on smart black slim fit trousers (£80) which have been paired with a tweed jacket (£25) and a leather satchel (£30).