The Modern Man’s wardrobe: style guide and useful tips

Posted on 16 June 2017
By Carlton Whitfield
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The duties of the modern man include many things: to take care of the family, be able to solve everyday problems, hammer nails so that it does not look like a consequence of a terrible tornado and without injuring ourselves and others… we need to be able to look stylish at any time of the day and In any season. Today we will talk about your wardrobe: what must be in it and what mistakes should not be allowed. Let`s go!

5 Shameful Mistakes In the Clothes dept Men Make In the Summer

Summer is a happy time. People wear a minimum of clothes. Not only girls but also men. But you must be able to wear even this minimum. We will tell you about the main summer mistakes in the men’s fashion stakes, so that when you score a date with one of the girls from an exotic location, you will have chances of an interesting continuation of the meeting, and not an awkward farewell once and for all.

Shirt With Short Sleeves and Tie

Only a very self-assured (or drunk) person can put on a shirt with a short sleeve and tie and not look like a character in the “Office” series. And if you did not watch the “Office”, we hasten to inform you that all of its heroes are examples of bad taste and provinciality. This makes them funny and charming, but not the fact that you will be lucky in the same way.

Socks and Sandals

We wrote these lines secretly from the director of the fashion department. Because he runs into the editorial office about once a year with an exalted scream: “Sandals and socks are a hit!” But we stick to the traditional point of view, according to which the combination of sandals and socks is something terrible. And in the worst sense of the word “terrible”.

Cargo Shorts

Shorts above the knee with an abundance of pockets (this is how the cargo looks) organically look only at men who have not reached the age of 12. To all those who are older, the cargo shorts will give the halo of an inveterate tourist, who has not realized that he has already left the forest and he is surrounded not by condescending squirrels, but by harsh people.


Is there any difference between plastic flip-flops and the same open sandals, but of leather or textiles? It turns out that there is. Flip-flops of plastic, carelessly hanging on the foot, give the appearance of excessive laxity. Not to mention the fact that they risk jumping off your feet at the most unfortunate moment – for example, during a demonstration to a neighbor on the escalator of the main jig movements. So take care that even the thinnest straps of your sandals are tightly wrapped around your heel.


Remember: a tank-top is just a laundry. Especially this thesis applies to those who have not spent the last year in the gym, occasionally getting out of it to bask in the solarium. Tank-top is appropriate in the urban context, only when the asphalt melts, hot air burns the skin, and people faint from the heat. In this case, the tank-top will become just another messenger of the Apocalypse.

Things That Must Be In the Wardrobe of Every Man

Keep the dress-code, friends! Especially if you are bored with the role of a bachelor and you seriously thought about going on a hunt for hot beauties. Here is the must-have list of any modern man:

1. White T-shirt. A thing that is literally combined with everything. It should not be too tight and there should not be prints with comic book superheroes. Sad, but true.
2. Dark jeans. It’s raw jeans or jeans from untreated cotton. Another universal tool of the modern gentleman. Choose the slim format – not too tight, but not too straight. You can combine it with a T-shirt and a sweatshirt, so with a jacket.
3. White shirt. In an amicable way, there must be at least one for each day of the week. But who are we to demand from you impossible! Get at least one: it is perfect for both formal events for a suit, and for the same dark blue jeans for a trip to the bar.
4. Sneakers. We mean sneakers in the style of casual. This is your everyday shoes, so be kind, pick up the comfortable pair.
5. Watch. Nowadays it is nothing more than an accessory, of course, but still a status, impressive and emphasizing the owner’s attention to detail. If the strap of your watch fits the shoes color – the ladies will be delighted with your sense of style.