Stylish ways to keep warm this year

Posted on 27 June 2016
By Carlton Whitfield
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The traditional British weather always has a surprise or two in store. A warm day in June or July can be followed by a stinker of a day with no warning – and of course, the climate from September onwards is anyone’s guess. It pays to always have a good coat or top to keep the cold away in your wardrobe – here are some suggestions for getting the best look out of the inclement weather.

Cashmere jumper

A luxurious choice that feels incredible to the touch, the Cashmere has long been held up as an example of a jumper of class. There are designs to match most shapes and enough colours to contrast and complement any choice of trouser or coat – Breton stripe or pompom, anyone?

Polo shirt

It might not keep you warm on its own, but a good polo shirt is slightly more toasty than a normal t-shirt, and always benefits a strong coat or jumper. Indeed, the shirt is so popular that Hedgehog is hopeful of successfully fulfilling a kickstarter campaign
to pay for a new range of clothing in which its polo shirt designs take centre stage.


The simple and utilitarian way to keep warm, but one that doesn’t threaten to suffocate and overheat you should the temperature change. Not all hoodies need give off the impression of lazy comfort; for example, they are among those stylish and fashionable clothing choices that can be worn for anything from a garden party to a football match.

Trench coat

Pick up a fashion mag or visit a celeb site, and when the weather’s been poor you’ll almost certainly see celebs such as Harry Styles, Will I. Am, the Kardashians or Selena Gomez stepping out in a stylish example of the genre.

The Telegraph, listing its best trench coats for the season here said that “There’s a structure and quiet sense of ceremony in the belting and epaulettes as well as something rather seductive about popping up that collar and feeling like a matinee anti-hero retreating into the drizzle as the credits roll.” There is a great range of styles available, not least these men’s coats from Superdry.

Camel coats

A timeless classic that combines smartness and practicality, the camel comes in a variety of collars, shapes and styles that allow it to fit with any wardrobe choices, be it work, rest or play. The perfect choice for the start and finish of the year.

Duffle coat

A heavyweight option that comes into its own from October onwards, no duffle coat worth its salt comes without pockets deep enough to live in, and either buttons the size of saucers or toggles the size of canoes. The traditional duffle has been turned on its head by some of the newer, more edgy designers, including Japanese brand SEVEN which has created a collection of punk-inspired efforts.


These short, double-breasted overcoats are usually made from a coarse woollen cloth and were formerly worn by sailors. However, even those without a love of all things nautical can still pull off this cold weather all-rounder. Celebrities who have been seen wearing them include Channing Tatum, Justin Timberlake and Ben Affleck.