New pouch technology: fashionable and functional briefs for men

Posted on 2 December 2020
By Carlton Whitfield
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When it comes to men’s underwear, you want a product that’s both fashionable and functional.

You’ve most likely grown up wearing classic pairs of ‘tighty whities’ that if you’re honest, have done neither very effectively.

Tighty Whities use elastic to hold them up and when washed, the elastic starts to separate bit by bit.

You’re not only losing support with every wash, but they look like a pair of old undies that your grandfather passed down.

It’s time for change and you know it.

Pouch Technology from UFM

Enter Underwear for Men (UFM) featuring their own, patented pouch technology.

All UFM briefs are guaranteed to change the way you think of men’s underwear with testicle support.

In all honesty, the topic of supporting your manhood is something that doesn’t receive the attention it should.

Nobody bats an eyelid when discussing women’s support in the form of bras, so what’s the difference when it comes to supportive briefs for men?

We’re here to change that today.

Why Male Support is so Important

When it comes to male support, there are three main issues that will immediately come to mind for any semi-active male.

Sticking – Sweaty skin on skin that sticks and slowly but surely grinds down throughout the day.
Rubbing – If your manhood is compacted but doesn’t wick away moisture, then the rubbing can be just as bad.

Chafing – We get a shudder just thinking about chafe. If you’ve ever experienced any sort of rash between your thighs, then UFM is for you.

No doubt you’ve experienced each of these issues at least once in your life.

The change you’re looking for is right here.

The Solution? – Switch to UFM

UFM offers two levels of support, each with their own pros and cons to cater for the unique support needs of men.

UFM Regular Support

UFM regular support aims to eliminate all scrotum to thigh contact.

What this does is solves the above problems of chafing and sticking.

UFM achieves this through their patented drawstring path design, which extends deep into the crotch and provides maximum comfort and support.

UFM Max Support

UFM max support goes one step further and solves the problem of sticking too.

This is achieved through its more forward drawstring path, resulting in greater scrotal lift.

While this increased lift helps to wick away sweat in a way that regular support can’t, it may be uncomfortable for certain men.

Everyone is different and choosing the right fit comes down to personal choice and knowing your own body.

Final Thoughts on UFM’s Fashionable and Functional Briefs for Men

New pouch technology patented by UFM, isolates and supports your manhood for maximum comfort and functionality.

While originally targeting the sports market, it was soon discovered that men experience the same problems of sticking, rubbing and chafing day to day too.

If you’re looking for a fashionable and functional pair of men’s underwear, then a pair of briefs from UFM that feature their patented pouch technology are the smart choice.