Learn Cocktail Dress Code for Men to Impress Women

Posted on 9 June 2017
By Carlton Whitfield
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The cocktail dress code is considered quite free because there are no strict requirements for it. Nevertheless, the proper observance of its foundations will definitely impress Russian woman. The most important thing is to combine wardrobe items correctly and to make no mistakes with colors.

What is a dress code?

Dress code is the requirements for the appearance of visitors to the event or meeting. Thanks to the established framework, guests do not worry about what to wear on this or that occasion.

Most often, the type of dress code, which is expected from the guests, is indicated in the invitation in advance. This allows one not to look like the black sheep. If you were not told in advance what kind of appearance is expected, you should call and clarify this question yourself.

Strict requirements to the dress code are applied only in high society. Most often, the requirements for appearance are indicated in order to give the guest an opportunity to feel comfortable.

For example, if there is a solemn event, then a formal business suit, even expensive and of high quality, will look at least strange. For such cases, use a tuxedo and a bow tie.

Cocktail: what is the occasion?

The cocktail dress code is required for many occasions. Most often, it is used when the event is quite formal not to look strange in a suit, while the tailcoat and butterfly seem to be too pretentious.

For example:
• Corporate banquet.
• A large family celebration with a large number of guests.
• A dinner party.
• The opening of the exhibition.
• A visit to the theater, etc.

The main elements of the cocktail dress code.


Cocktail for men implies a dark suit. A black suit should best be left for a more formal occasion. If the event is held in the daytime before 5 pm, then you can wear a gray suit. If it is held at a later time, then dark gray or blue will ideally suit. Classical trousers and a jacket are required. A vest will be used for a more formal occasion.

Since there are many reasons for a cocktail, the degree of the officially of the event can influence the color of the suit and shirt.
The shirt should be black or white. Moreover, a black shirt can be worn with a dark gray suit. In the case of a corporate banquet, you can choose any other color, if it is rather pale and does not gain all attention.
If you want to look stylish in your shirt, you need to learn how to tuck it properly into the trousers.
If you do not wear a tie, then do not fasten the top button.

To take off a jacket is considered bad manners but if it is necessary to do, be sure your shirt has a long sleeve.
Shoes. Black Oxfords or Derby with a neat toe should be perfectly polished. The black color is universal in this case but you can use also brown.


Suitable accessories are a tie, belt, watch and cufflinks. A tie is not always required. It will be an appropriate addition to the image if you are a wedding guest, and you do not have to wear it to a corporate party. The pattern should be neutral, preferably with a geometric pattern. One of the colors of the pattern must be present in another piece of clothing. The color shoes should be identical color belt and watchband.
You should forget about the bow tie and the scarf in the breast pocket for this dress code. Such details refer to the official style and are used for occasions that are more solemn.

In short, the dress-code cocktail is considered the most casual of all formal, leaving a margin for creativity. That is why it is the most popular.
If you need this dress code for the upcoming event, you will be able to impress any woman, following the given tips and showing your good taste.