How cigarettes lost their status within the fashion world

Posted on 19 September 2017
By Carlton Whitfield
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There was a time when smoking cigarettes was seen as incredibly cool and sophisticated and everyone from film stars to rock legends and fashion icons were regularly seen with a cigarette dangling from their lips.

It looks like things have moved on though and anyone thinking that smoking is likely to make them more attractive to the opposite sex may be in for a surprise, as more and more people find cigarettes a real turn off.

Why is it exactly that the fashion world has turned against smoking in recent years? There are three points that really stand out when considering this question and these are encouraging more and more people, both in the fashion world and in general, to make a real effort to quit smoking.

Smoking is bad for your health

The fashion industry is, of course, all about image and looks. It’s not just the serious conditions caused by smoking that have caused those involved in the fashion business to think again about cigarettes, however.

Pumping harmful chemicals throughout your bloodstream has a big impact on the body, with skin, hair and nails all taking a battering from prolonged smoking. Yellowed teeth and a puckered mouth don’t sit well in the image-conscious world of high fashion either and are a real turn-off.

At last, people have woken up to the fact that our bodies simply weren’t designed to cope with those harmful chemicals and they are taking their health and their appearance much more seriously.

Smoking smells bad

If you smoke regularly and you believe that you don’t smell of stale cigarette smoke, you are sadly misleading yourself. These days, more and more people find the smell of cigarette smoke unappealing and will avoid people who smell like this.

Cigarette smoke gets all over your clothing, your home and of course, you and a quick spray of perfume or a peppermint popped in your mouth will do little to mask the unpleasant smell. If you’re not yet ready to quit altogether, one option might be to switch to vaping, choosing a pleasant-flavoured e-liquid to replace that tobacco smell.

Smoking is expensive

It shouldn’t come as any surprise that smoking costs an awful lot of money. The price of the average pack of cigarettes continues to rise and for many people, smoking takes up a large proportion of their disposable income.

With fashion itself an expensive business to be in, frittering away your cash on cigarettes and then not being able to afford the glamorous party lifestyle suddenly seems like a crazy idea. Quitting smoking and adopting a more holistic approach to both fashion and personal beauty makes real sense to those who care about their looks and their overall health.

With powerful arguments like these in favour of ditching cigarettes, it’s perhaps inevitable that such an image-conscious industry has decided that smoking is no longer cool.

If you want to be seen as fashionable and stylish nowadays, you should be thinking about health and beauty from within, like many in the fashion industry. There are all sorts of ways to give up smoking, so it’s simply a question of finding what works for you.