Groundhog Day content takeover Purple Revolver fashion – Bill Murray’s lust for life

Posted on 2 February 2021
By Carlton Whitfield
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Did you smash your alarm clock in when it hit 6am this morning? Or did you leap out of bed, eager to polish up your piano and ice sculpting skills?

Think we have an idea it was along the same fashion as it was at Purple Revolver HQ. Somewhere between Jack Daniels toothpaste and a Jeopardy jim jams fest, and taking your furriest friend for a ride on the rail tracks. 

We’re in the middle of a Groundhog Day content takeover on Purple Revolver. Bill Murray is one of our all time heroes and we couldn’t wait to hit the road for Punxsutawney on this one. 

Born and raised in Wilmette, north Chicago, Illinois, we couldn’t think of a better guy for Groundhog Day to happen to!

Who else could survive what Phil Connors endures and emerge with a smile?We dive deep into the movie, with a full film analysis from Purple Revolver Editor and VideOdyssey Studios owner Andy Johnson.

We expound the philosophical musings of the great Friedrich Nietzsche and his concept of eternal return, which is both the blessing and curse that TV weatherman Phil finds himself face with in the film.

The man and the myth of Bill Murray and his supreme skill to turn up anywhere to bring joy is reported… Did you know he was a style icon as well as a comedy legend?

Of course you did. He’s still inspiring us with his lust for life and desire to live in the moment, after just turning 70 years old. What a guy!

We explore the relationship problems Groundhog day director and Ghostbusters pal Harold Ramis suffered with Bill as making the movie drove them apart. 

This Groundhog Day content takeover is a re-launch of the Purple Revolver (Google News listed) website, because we really hope there is going to be a tomorrow, even if it starts with Sonny and Cher again. 

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We’d love to hear from you. As surely as Groundhog Day has come again this year, there will be a tomorrow, and another Groundhog Day next year… “I got you babe!”