Can You Make Your beard Look Different?

Posted on 13 April 2015
By Carlton Whitfield
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Thinking to change the look of your beard? Or perhaps you want a different body texture? Did you know that you can transfer the hair from your beard to your scalp, to look unique?

Why go in for beard transplant? Every person wants to look smart and different. Here are the things that you can do with a beard transplant.

A full beard can add that oomph and charm to a man’s style statement. These days, beard transplant is becoming increasingly popular and common for those who want to flaunt a full and handsome beard.

It looks natural and is a very good and reliable procedure, where hair can be taken from the scalp or other regions of the body and transplanted in your beard region. Here are a few reasons why beard transplant might work for you.

1. Helps hide hair loss

Worried about hair gone missing from your scalp? Just go in for beard hair transplant, and you can hide loss of head hair.

2. Create fuller beard

So, what can one do, to achieve this macho and rugged look? Well, not much! You can create a fuller beard with hair from your body or head. This will help you create a beard that people would love to look at. Many FUE surgeons specialise in this treatment.

3. Fits the purpose There are basically, two types of beard transplant: FUE (Follicular Hair Extraction)and FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant- Strip extraction).

The cost and procedure vary for both. FUE surgeons use body hair to transplant it in the beard region. This is called BHT (Body Hair Transplant), and Beard FUE is a part of this. No matter which procedure, the result and final look matters.

4. Has the right style statement

People want fuller beard, just like the old times when men and boys wore hipsters and flaunted facial hair, which not only looked macho but different! It was hip and stylish, eventually becoming a big fad among many. These days, the trend is again catching up, and many are opting for a bearded look. All it requires is some time and patience and a little money, to look the way you want!

5. Minimization of scarring Scarring is reduced on both recipient and donor areas, and you do not have to worry about any significant scars – scars virtually become non-existent!It’s your choice how you want to look.

If you have scanty facial hair or slow hair growth, don’t worry. Just, consider beard hair transplant for revamping your looks and personality and flaunt the age old retro, rugged and classic beard that has been the sign of machismo for ages. All you require is a good surgeon, a great BEARD CLINIC and the choice of your desired look. As we all know, it is very important to look good and well-turned out.After all, it’s the persona that matters. Compare quotes and contact a good FUE surgeon for any inquiries and appointments. You can read more here.