Bill Murray golf clothes – look the part on the course and in the clubhouse

Posted on 2 February 2021
By Pierce King
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Bill Murray has taken his love of golf top new heights with a dedicated apparel line which shakes the starch and stiffness out with a hip touch of class.

The world famous Caddyshack actor and dedicated golf nut of note has seen fit to produce his own line of golf wear, partially inspired by classic golfing motifs and partially inspired by his own carefree attitude towards life.

Fans can now dress like Bill on the fairways with a blazer in the future classic ‘Murray Tartan’, it’s made of four-way stretch, wrinkle resistant fabric that actually makes it a golf blazer that’s usable on the course and on the 19th hole!

The ‘Bagger Trance’ polo is inspired by everything the Ghostbusters legend links with golf, adorned with a print of the Bagpiper that plays for the revellers at Spanish Bay in California, home of Pebble Beach.

Camo is a print that’s beginning to make a bit of a statement in golf fashion, and Murray saw fit to combine this with the natural patchwork that comes with the overhead view of any golf course.

It also highlights more bunkers than greens, perhaps more of a real portrayal of where most of us mere mortals spend our time on the course.

The thistle served as an inspiration for one of the brand’s hottest lines, due to not only its association with everything classically Scottish, but also the unforgiving roughs that adorn the courses of Caledonia.

The original shirt that started the brand’s association with ‘Murray Tartan’, the pattern that adorns the Murray family crest.

It’s designed to perform on the course, and it’s basically Caddyshack in a shirt. You can c heck out the whole line at