NYFW through the eyes of snapchat

Posted on 10 September 2014
By Amy Shaw
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Snapchat has developed an innovative new way of keeping their customers happy, by streaming photos and videos live from big events around the globe.

Past events showcased on the app include Electric Zoo festival and college football games in America.

New York Fashion week is a huge event in the city so there is no question as to why the popular picture app has chosen to focus on it.

The constant stream of media is sure to give Instagram a run for its money, which has previously been held as champion of image related social media.

The clips can last up to only 10 seconds long which is ideal for users wishing to quickly browse to get a feel for what is going on during the event.

Varying from a sneak peek behind the scenes at the fashion shows, simply to selfies of guests that are in attendance.

Anyone wishing to share their experience at NYFW simply sends their photo to Team Snapchat as well as their friends, and the team curates the best media to create one huge story.

It’s an excellent contemporary technique used to involve fashion fans across the world, without them having to fork out a huge wad of cash to fly into New York.

A particular highlight was the short clips of the Marc by Marc Jacobs show, which looked phenomenal with strobe lighting and an intricate set design – an exclusive to the public, who may not usually have got the chance to see this.

The ‘story’ also features some well-known faces, such as Joe Jonas who films himself joking around backstage at one of the shows. Jonas sets a great example that people do actually smile at fashion week.