Is fringing a timeless fashion statement?

Posted on 13 July 2016
By Stacey Dutton
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Fashion can come in many ways, shapes and sizes, and tassels/fringing is certainly a way to bring that sense of individuality to any outfit.

When looking back over the many fashions that have seemed to keep returning in different styles, Fringing is one to date back to the early 1920’s swinging days where many women wore these shimmering, flamboyant fringed dresses with beautifully matched headwear to dance in whilst there twirling routines would see the fringes flaunting their svelte figures underneath.

As always there will be designers who will make memorable choices by using a staple like fringing seem so unapproachable in everyday wear, but it can bring so much too even the simplest of outfits.

Particularly it has more often than not been used to complete a look with bags and shoes, but at the latest S/S 16 Fashion Week’s across the globe the eccentric styling of many outfits has seen tassels come in many forms on the runways and in the celebrity circuits as of late.

The most popular time to see fringing in most styles is around the festival season where the majority of women will wear them on fringed bags, or on the returning fringed suede jackets and waistcoats to bring together a hippy chick look perfect for any summer holiday or festival.

Fringed shoes have also been a style over recent years that has kept returning with the likes of Rihanna, Kate Hudson and Kate Moss being just a few celebrities who have loved to keep fringed items in there wardrobes throughout all seasons.

The fringed handbags in recent years which have been produced by some of the most influential fashion houses in the industry have included Prada, Yves Saint Laurent and Chloe to name few which many celebrities have loved to have on their arm, from daywear to major fashion events worldwide following this boho inspired look.

Here are our favourite finds of the latest looks which have included a fringed or tasseled item or accessory.