Celebrity fashion lines – fashion focused or branding gone mad

Posted on 10 September 2014
By Amy Shaw
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There’s no doubt that the fashion industry is one of the most successful and wealthy industries across the globe, so there’s no wonder that so many celebrities have jumped onto the bandwagon.

Releasing your own clothing line is seemingly the ‘done thing’ in celebville – whether this is done for the large profit or the genuine love of fashion, we will never know.

There are however a few lines that are now well established and respected within the fashion world. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s ‘The Row’ was set up in 2006 and is now still modelled at New York Fashion Week with their neutral shades and masculine tailoring dominating the catwalk.

A far cry from their time on Full House, the famous twins have managed to break through the tough branding of ‘celebrity’ to make a name for themselves as credible fashion designers.

Another successful celebrity endorsed brand is Jay Zs ‘Rocawear’ which was devised way back in 1999. As arguably one of the most successful men in music, it made sense for Jay’s urban sound to be emulated in clothing and accessories. The brand is bringing in more than $700 million in annual sales and is living proof that a celebrity line can be a huge success if the designs and marketing are on point.

Does this mean that every celebrity clothing range is guaranteed to be an immediate success, and can we decipher its actual success if their fans will be making the purchase simply because of the face behind the label, regardless of the quality and design of the pieces?

Brands such as Lipsy and Very.co.uk have been quick to welcome famous faces to their team, as what young girl wouldn’t want to wear a dress that could make them feel like the beautiful Pixie Lott, Michelle Keegan and Rochelle Humes.

Although many of the lines are a fantastic contribution to the high street, can the same be said of products developed solely to generate cash – for example perfumes released by Justin Bieber and One Direction, which directly target the young girls that adore the successful young men.

The power of branding appears to be relentless.