Buzz cut – 6 celebrity super-short hairdos that shocked and awed in 2017

Posted on 20 December 2017
By Pierce King
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While long flowing hair is typically considered a timeless style, 2017 was definitely a year of short hairdos. Celebrities buzzed, trimmed, and shaved their hair short and the crowd is going wild. Here’s a tribute to all the celebrities who decided to go super-short in 2017.

Jaden Shaves off the ‘Lock’-Ness Monster: This was the year when finally Jaden decided to ditch the Rastafarian dreadlocked hairdo and opt for a much more tamed crew cut. Jaden’s new style now closely resembles papa Smith’s perennial crew cut hairstyle. However, if we know Jaden we can expect something wackier in 2018.

Kathy Went Bald for a Good Cause: Kathy Griffin is universally recognized for her flowing red locks. Griffin decided to shave it all off for an amazing cause. Kathy opted for the razor to show support to her sister who was then undergoing chemotherapy. Sadly, Kathy’s sister, Joyce passed away back in September.

Keke’s Purple Crew Turns Heads: The social media went absolutely went berserk when Keke Palmer posted a picture of her with purple buzz cut hair. Sporting a purple Guess tshirt and the purple-dyed hair, the new look was both refreshing and sexy.

Palmer said that she wanted to get a buzz cut because she wanted to “start over” and allow her hair to grow out. Kake is one of many to follow this popular trend of pressing the reboot button by cutting the hair short to get rid of their damaged hair. If you aim to follow Keke’s footsteps then consider applying something like a keratin hair treatment to nourish the hair as it grows out.

Kate Creates Quite the ‘Buzz’: Kate Hudson was one of those typical Hollywood beauties who was known for her flowing blonde hair. Well, she proved that she doesn’t need the blonde mane to look red-carpet-worthy.

Kate revealed her buzzcut hairdo in an event back in September. Apart from absolutely rocking her new hairstyle, Kate says her new style is low-maintenance and she is happy that the hair is gone.

Cara’s Silver Buzz-Cut Is Both Sharp and Sexy: Earlier this year, Cara Delevingne had to shave off her hair for a role where she plays a cancer patient. Now, that her hair has grown out a little, she is sporting a silver buzz-cut style. We have to say that her short platinum hair goes really well with her sharp features. Cara is not the only celebrity to don this hairstyle. Zoe Kravitz was also spotted rocking a similar platinum pixie in an event.

Jourdan Rocks a Pixie Like None Other: Jourdan Dunn stunned the world with her new hair at a 2017 award function in London. Dunn’s hair was the handy work of celebrity stylist Renda Attia.

Her Chestnut brown hair with hints of black goes really well with her facial features as she looks sexier than ever. While she joins a long list of celebrities who got their hair cut short, Dunn has managed to achieve a style that’s uniquely her’s.