White Lies love life on the road

Posted on 16 August 2009
By Hugh O Connell
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It’s not easy being one of the biggest bands in rock and roll at the moment.

For Indie rockers White Lies satisfying your growing fan base as your reputation grows worldwide can be a frenzied affair.

Struggling to remember exactly where he’s been these past few months and weeks bass player and lyricist Charles Cave at least recalls a five-week US tour and a week in Japan before they played Liverpool.

“We’re just building our status everywhere,” says Charles but there’s only so many days in a year so we can’t be touring everywhere at once.”

But if they could, they probably would. The band are loving it as much as they are enduring the constant hours on the road and gigging as the frontman points out: “It’s been amazing.

“I don’t remember having the best time on our first headline tour. No one really knew all the songs.

“But all of the last shows we’ve done in the UK especially Glasgow have been amazing.

“It’s a completely different league now that the album is out and everyone is very much aware of what’s happening. You feed off the audience in a much better way.”

Many fans are already clamouring after a second album but it’s been confirmed that this will not be on the cards until early 2010.

Charles adds: “We’re starting to formulate rough ideas but nothing can be fully formed until we get it together and have time off January.

“We need to be in our own zone to do that. We can’t do it on tour, it just doesn’t work for us.”

But for the Ealing trio sitting down and writing and recording albums are nothing compared to being on the road.

Having had to write and record the first album in just four months, Charles hopes they are under similar pressure again this time: “The sooner it’s out, the sooner we can start touring again,” he adds.

“We’re not the kind of band that’s going to take a year to make our next record if we don’t have to.”

Photography by Simon Barrow