White Eskimo debut out March 23rd

Posted on 16 March 2015
By Lucy Wright
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You’ll love the pop-punk sound of these Mancunian quartet from when you first hear it.

Their Soundcloud profile showcases the debut EP “100x” (one hundred times). It’s only four-tracks long, and just from this there are clear influences of Foo Fighters, Green Day and Blink 182. It’s impossible to not want to dance.

White Eskimo’s sound has massed backing vocals, riotous lead guitar riffs, and lead singer Will’s stuttering lyrics taking the forefront.

The four lads; Will Sweeny, Alex Lewis, Roy Bennett, Brad Nevinson all met in their late teens and have spent the past two years writing, recording and performing live. You might be surprised to hear that One Direction’s Harry Styles was a member before his X Factor audition shot him to fame.

The songs on “100x” tell stories about making mistakes, meeting girls, and living life to the full as 20/21 year olds.

“100x is about waking up after an incredible dream and wanting to relive it,” says singer Will Sweeny. “But you can’t. So it’s about appreciating every moment of happiness and taking nothing for granted.”

So the EP starts off with title track “100x”. With a heavy bass line and then the surge of percussion and guitars this track has a great start. The harmonised backing compliments Will’s gravelly lead vocals.

Second on the EP is “Wake Up”, which sounds like a Blink 182 track straight from the start. This one is where the drums take a lead, with heavy symbol-usage making this track sound killer. The pauses before the chorus kicks in adds to the vibe, and half way through is a section of heavy, dirty guitar lines, which is the best part of the song.

Thirdly is “Can’t Stop Me Loving You”, which is obviously the angsty love song on the EP. Here is when lead vocals take control, and Will’s voice sounds like pop-punk perfection, but the backing vocals add so much to the track. The lyrics on this one make it an anthem for young love: “the moment will come when we will collide, in a rush of exposure and light, and you’ll look in my eyes and be lost in the night and be just happy being alive”.

Finally, “100x” ends with the track “Tell Me Your Name”. The layered guitar lines are preceded by a pause in music where the vocals stand alone, and then the chorus kicks off with the massed backing vocals again. This track definitely oozes the youthful energy of early Greenday and reminds us of a mix of You Me At Six and Jimmy Eat World.

Accompanying the new EP, White Eskimo are set to release more show dates for this year and judging from these tracks, they are a must to see live.

White Eskimo will release the pop-punk debut EP “100x” on March 23rd, and are playing a live show on the same day at London’s The Old Blue Last concert hall.

For more info and upcoming show date, visit White Eskimo’s Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/OfficialWhiteEskimo/timeline