Posted on 20 April 2018
By Erin Downes
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After working on and refining their work for some time, Patiently Awaiting the Meteorite has drummed up a wide following to receive their recent debut single ‘Electrified’. Their debut album CD, Canyon Diablo, which is expected to be released on May 18th 2018, is said to display “a vintage vibe (think Shelby but with a touch screen and USB port!)” whilst still retaining its modern style.

The Patiently Awaiting the Meteorite members, Dee and The Grand Brothers, have been involved in a variety of other notable projects, promising this new venture will be just as exciting. Most recently, Dee was chosen to have his song ‘Miles and Miles (Living on the Edge)’ as the soundtrack for a Ford commercial aired during the Superbowl; it had an estimated audience of 103.4 million people across the world. As well as this, his song ‘Filter Factory’ was incredibly popular on the streaming site YouTube, drumming up more than 1.6 million views, and even led to him being acknowledged for his creativity through his invitations to perform at events in Toronto and in Moscow, where he was able to partake in the launch of YouTube Russia.

The Grand Brothers boast a similar run of success, not only co-writing and co-producing the single ‘Astounded’ for Canadian alternative rock and hip hop collective BranVan3000, but also co-producing their entire ‘Discosis’ album. As producers, they have been recognised for helping to achieve more than 1 million album sales internationally as well as eight Top 10 hits in the Canadian Charts and even two world charts positions. They also notably gained a Juno Award nomination for Pascale Picard’s debut album “Me, Myself and Us” and saw the song ‘Gate 22’ become a worldwide hit.

After Dee’s second solo album ‘Day by Day’ was co-produced and co-arranged by the Grand Brothers, they created a strong partnership, allowing them to develop a drove of top hits. ‘Day by Day’ was even featured on many popular TV shows, even including Grey’s Anatomy, Law & Order and Ugly Betty. The collaboration allows a new signature style to soak through – a vintage vibe, but with an exciting modern twist. This seems to stem from their diverse influences, from classic 60’s to new and innovative 2018, and has even generated comparisons to Pink Floyd, Bon Iver and other progressive and psychedelic bands of the 70s.

This varied style allows for diverse fan bases, who are clearly already loving the single, with one fan even describing it on Patiently Awaiting the Meteroite’s YouTube channel as “Pure Gold”. For more information and upcoming releases, visit http://patientlyawaitingthemeteorite.band/, or keep up with them on their social media, linked below.