Twin Atlantic play Leeds Cockpit review

Posted on 11 December 2011
By Cat Marr
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As soon as Twin Atlantic creep on through the blue light and the hazy smoke screen to pick up their instruments, you realise that this is the type of music that could easily fit in to an American teen drama show, likes The OC or One Tree Hill.

The jaunty pop, indie or emo type songs that were used as a narrative the shows were going to be honoured here tonight.

Starting to think about the “will they, won’t they” moments with Ryan and Marissa or Seth and Summer and whether or not Lucas would be able to play basketball again, the crowd soon shake you out of the day dream with a chorus of screams.

This music was full of stories of love and loss, the type of songs that are perfect for hopeless romantics and teenage fans.

A young couple in the crowd were more like a video to a Twin Atlantic song, as the boy stole looks at the girl and her casual “I just put anything on” outfit, was given away by the price tag laying on her back. Moving closer throughout the set and looking each other giddily as the songs they knew came on the Scottish boys acted as a back drop to their story.

Twin Atlantic created long stints of music, a progressive build up showing the sound they have to offer before teasing in the catchy choruses and heart felt vocals.

They have a lot of loyal fans and the frequent pauses in the music and speeches directed to the crowd were a reflection of this.

Refreshingly the band were anti violence and were dedicated to giving the audience their money’s worth. A song was halted before they could finish as one of the audience has started being violent to other members of the crowd. The band quickly halted their performance and told him “don’t bring your violence to our gig, we don’t want it, go home”.

Following his scolding he left to cheers and Twin Atlantic receieved a superhero applause for their commendable move.

A stripped back cover of the Pixies hit Where is My Mind, was one of the best performances of the night, it was a chance for the band to calm the energetic crowd and for lead singer Sam McTrusty to show off his vocal range. He turned the alternative rock song into a desperate emotional acoustic ballad.

Despite a few hickups the band ended on a high finishing their encore with their new track “Free”, excited fans around the rooms started jumping excitedly as they recognised the first few bars of the song.

The band played music that was meant for bigger stages and tunes to satisfy fans cravings if you weren’t aware of the songs already sometimes it was difficult to get into a song, but the final performance was a free for all the repetitive chorus was catchy enough for everyone to join in.