Twenty Twenty on weird fanmail and taking fans home

Posted on 21 August 2009
By Purple Revolver
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Sam says they’ve received all sorts of weird gifts including Kanye West-style plastic sunglasses, giant cookies with their names on, cakes with their faces on, and plastic set of crockery which their superfan adds to each time she catches them at a live gig.

Their fans travelled from Sweden and Germany to appear as extras in the Story of Our Lives music video.

Our fans travelled five hours away to get to our gig but then couldn’t get a train back til the morning so we gave htem a lift.

We tell them to promise not to tell everyone on MySpace and they agree.

Next thing, it’s all over the Net and lots of other fans are getting upset that they didn’t get a lift either.

Our tour manager has put his foot down and told us to keep the van sacred. So no more lifts.

we also get really bizarre, graphic drawings.

we’re thinking of saving them for a booklet to go with our upcoming CD.

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