Turbowolf, Islington Garage. Review and pictures.

Posted on 11 October 2012
By Lara Cullen
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With a perma-bouncing moshpit before them, Turbowolf headlined their biggest show to date at London’s Relentless Garage last night.

By the time Read and Write thrashed out near the end of the set, crowdsurfers were flying overhead while those with their feet on the floor up front were hyped, sweaty and delirious. A filthy combination of Black Moth, Wet Nuns and Throne playing earlier in the evening had been the perfect support for the main event having got pulses racing nice and fast from the off.

Normally found headlining venues half this size Turbowolf had no problem taking their show, complete with giant Egyptian headpiece in the background, to the next level. They opened with Introduction leading into a blistering Ancient Snake and it was only moments before singer Chris Georgiadis was leaping off the stage into the audience, continuing to alternate between stage and crowd through the show. Georgiadis is an exciting and captivating frontman while the rest of the band play with such fierce energy that the four of them together put on a show as electric to watch as to listen to.

The near hour long set seemed to end in the blink of an eye. A cover of Lightning Bolt’s Captain Caveman early doors got a good reaction as did some new material that sneaked its way in. Banging favourites, Bag of Bones and A Rose For The Crows saw the place go wild and as they closed with Let’s Die Turbowolf’s London fans appeared truly slain.