TSOOL frontman Ebbot Lundberg’s mystical wintery new video with The Indigo Children + London date

Posted on 9 November 2016
By Khyle Deen
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Most well-known as the charismatic former Soundtrack Of Our Lives (SOOL) and Union Carbide Productions frontman, Ebbot Lundberg is finally set to unleash his first full solo release in the UK.

Having teamed up with Grammy-nominated band The Indigo Children ‘For The Ages To Come’ will impact December 2nd.

Self-produced and recorded throughout last year in his native Gothenburg, the album is over-flowing with Lundberg’s trademark ear for melody; ‘For The Ages To Come’ is the musical odyssey we have come to expect, but has its roots firmly planted in the 1960s beat movement, with lyrical themes and hooks to match.

Witness the effervescence of ‘To Be Continued’, or the raucous pop stomp that is ‘Backdrop People;’ this is clearly an album overflowing with energy and vigour, a vibrancy that Lundberg was keen to capture on record.
“The Indigo Children actually supported SOOL a few years ago,” explains Lundberg, “They astounded us with their sheer energy. When it came to deciding who I wanted to work with on this record, there was only one option in my mind…”

‘For The Ages To Come’ represents the first solo release for Lundberg since the epic 43 minute long song ‘There’s Only One Of Us Here’, and to mark the occasion, he is set to play songs from the album at a headline show in London Upstairs At The Garage on December 4th.

It is clear the album represents the beginning of a journey for Lundberg; “This represents where I am, and where I am going. It is the first album, but certainly not the last.” In fact, Lundberg’s creative output shows little sign of abating; whilst already writing songs for the follow-up album, he is also collaborating with members of Spiritualized and legendary Nirvana producer Butch Vig on a project to see the light of day next year.

For Ebbot Lundberg, it is clear that age is a barrier to neither creative output nor excellence; for that we need only witness ‘For The Ages To Come’ as living proof.

01/12 (DE) Bielefeld Forum
02/12 (DE) Hamburg, Molotow/Skybar – tickets here
03/12 (NL) Nijmegen, Marleyn, Doornrossje – tickets here
04/12 (UK) London, Upstairs at the Garage – tickets here