The Weeknd smashes Spotifys streaming record

Posted on 2 February 2022
By Emma Carter
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Knocking Justin Bieber off the top spot, The Weeknd has been named as Spotify’s artist of the month.

The Canadian singer-songwriter has accumulated 85.6 million listeners on the streaming app this January after the release of this latest album Dawn FM.

The title had previously been held by Bieber for nearly a year, who still holds the title for being the first artist ever to cross the 90 million monthly listener mark, which he gained just last month.

Not able to maintain the top spot, Bieber has not yet commented on his dethroning.

Liverpool local, Anna John is thrilled that her favourite artist has achieved this milestone.

She said: “I’m very excited about this, it’s always great to see your favourite artist getting the appreciation they deserve”

Hit song ‘Take My Breath’ topped the charts even before the album was released.

It narrowly missed out on the number one spot of the Billboard 200 album chart, placing behind the Encanto film soundtrack.

Although, the album did set a record on the chart by charting 24 songs, the most ever by a solo male artist.

The 31-year-old songwriter has previously said he wants the album to provide a “fantasy of escape that encourages the feeling that you’ve been whisked off into a different world.”

Anna added why she liked Dawn FM, saying: “It is different, I’d say it’s an experimental success.”

“With each album The Weeknd’s music keeps evolving yet it still shows a shimmer of the style he is known for.”

“What I like most is how it uses the concept of a radio station to tell a story and the variation of sounds created in each song.”

When asked if she thinks the artist will be on top next month, she said: “I don’t see why he wouldn’t be, but there are so many brilliant artists out there so anything can happen.”