The self-proclaimed sad girls Lana Del Rey, Cat Power and PJ Harvey get a new girl to join their sonic family as Louise Lemon releases her new EP

Posted on 6 April 2017
By Khyle Deen
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The up and coming death-gospel female artist Louise Lemón hails from Sweden and intertwines the dark, windy and cold Scandi ambiance into her music.

Having recorded her debut EP ‘Purge’ in a haunted cabin with Randall Dunn (Sunn O))), Thurston Moore), the setting is eerie and many light years away from the current pop landscape.

The opening track called ‘Appalacherna’ is the lead single of this release, and the airy, dreamy, dusty, nostalgic and melancholic vibe deserves a listen… or two…

The haunted sound on the EP fits right in the isolated space between dream and reality, which stretches endlessly from one melancholy track to the next. In short it is strange that a barometer of youth culture trades in such intensely depressing music.

You can stream Purge here –

Louise says: “This record has been a very personal journey, first writing the songs, then getting to records it together with my long time band member and friend Anders Ludwigsson, then expanding the sound with Randall Dunn.“
What’s the outcome? The tracks sound like they belong to a larger canon of Southern California gothic albums because they send the listener into gloomier and rawer territory, giving it that hypnotic and supernatural edge when a scuzzy blend of guitars take over, reminding us of the self-confessed sad girls Cat Power, Lana del Rey and PJ Harvey.

Louise adds:
“It is very important for me to be completely involved and to be able to work with people I trust and respect. To then have them colour the music and sound is very rewarding. Working with Randall Dunn was an amazing experience and I chose him because I wanted to expand the sound, make it heavier and darker and at the same time opening it up, letting it be vulnerable The record is called ‘Purge’, and making it has really been a cleansing and growing process, everything I write is deeply personal, and to me the sounds express just as much as the lyrics.”

The artistically poignant ‘Purge’ EP is out NOW through Icons Creating Evil Art.