The Casual Sexists release new single titled I Like Shapes

Posted on 23 June 2021
By Khyle Deen
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The Casual Sexists are willing constituents of the emerging wave of satirical, frenetic Avant-pop.

Embarking on what they call their magnum opus, the Brooklyn-based dyad have released their debut album Your Prescription Is Ready. They are back with new single ‘I Like Shapes’ and a video for it.

The transatlantic twosome is comprised of Londoner Ed Zed and New Yorker Varrick. After meeting in Ed’s home city, the two eloped to Varrick’s native land and were married within three months. Their name was chosen as a way to confront the casual sexism still so woefully ever-present in our world – a theme that recurs frequently in their work. Now squirrelled away in a one-bed-come-studio, the couple have been profusely generating their retro-futurist oeuvre.

Constructing music outside of the norm is convention for The Casual Sexists. Operating from their crowded studio corner, they merge organic with electronic, meanwhile cherry-picking sounds from their surrounding environment, including vacuum cleaners, dentist drills and cameos from their pet cats. They say “Each song has a creative process of its own, and most are built, rather than written.” Together, these elements fuse to create a dichotomy between their playful sound and more pensive lyrics. Their distinctive sound orbits somewhere in between Fever Ray, The Flying Lizards and Madonna’s Vogue galaxy.

‘I Like Shapes’ is The Casual Sexist’s take on reinstating structure into their eclectic electro-universe. “The two of us lead fairly haphazard lives, both individually and as a unit, and whereas we’ve learned to embrace chaos as a creative and general life tool, we simultaneously crave the bold precision of geometry” they say. With its chantra-like lyrics looped over hard-pounding beats, the single has the power to break anyone out of everyday mundane mess and drag them into The Casual Sexist’s almost dadaist utopia. “I Like Shapes is a rumination on the innate human desire for order, framed as an ostensibly simple celebration of geometric shapes,” they say.

The single follows their electric debut Your Prescription Is Ready which is already out across all streaming platforms and Bandcamp.