The Beatles album with rare butcher cover sells for mega money online

Posted on 7 November 2013
By James McAllister
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A rare Beatles record featuring their infamous ‘Butcher cover’ with them covered in raw meat and baby dolls has been snapped up at auction for more than £9,000.

The vinyl album of Yesterday and Today is scarce because the cover art was deemed ‘offensive’ by shops and it was recalled to be replaced with a less shocking image.

The photo, taken by surrealist photographer Robert Whitaker features John, Paul, George and Ringo covered in raw meat and dismembered doll parts.

Rock legend John lennon had previously described the controversial photoshoot as the Beatles trying to ‘escape from the boredom’ of their Fab Four image.

He said: “Boredom and resentment had set in at the time of that cover at having to do another photo session and another Beatles thing.

“We were sick to death of it and wanted to try something different.”

US store Sears stocked the album for just one day, before it got pulled from shelves by Capitol Records and the artwork was destroyed.

All other stores refused to stock it and as a result only a limited number are in existence.

The 47-year-old album sold on ebay for $15,300 after starting bids at 99 cents.