The 1975’s New Song With Greta Thunberg- A speech about Climate Change

Posted on 26 July 2019
By Alyssa Zanon
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Indie pop band The1975 have released the first single from their fourth album Notes On A Conditional Form.

After their last offering A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationship, was named best album of 2018, the band started to be interested in environmental and social issues.

Following their tradition, the album will open with a track called “The 1975” – a feature that appears on every album, played in a different way.

For their fourth album the Manchester outfit has chosen to do a collaboration with Greta Thunberg, the 16 years old Swedish climate activist.

The track comprises long speech in which Greta talks about the disastrous condition of the Earth and urges people to change their habits to save the planet.

Talking about the chance to reach The 1975 fans in this way Greta said: “I’m grateful to get the opportunity to get my message out to a broad new audience in a new way.

“I think it’s great that The 1975 is so strongly engaged in the climate crisis. We quickly need to get people in all branches of society involved. And this collaboration, I think, is something new.”

Greta calls for disobedience, saying it’s time to rebel because the established rules fail to preserve the environment.

Proceeds from the track will be donated to the climate protest group Extinction Rebellion.

The 1975’s next merchandise will also be environmentally friendly, and will see unsold previous collections repurposed into new pieces of memorabilia.

Following The 1975’s example, their label, founded by Jamie Oborne, is becoming eco friendly, putting CDs and vinyl in degradable paper packaging.