Swedish rock trio Norma analyse personal demons on new single titled S.A.D. (Video)

Posted on 13 December 2017
By Khyle Deen
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Swedish Kraut-Rock three-piece Norma release a timely ode to seasonal affective disorder and inner demons of all kinds on new single ‘S.A.D.’

In this case, the demon materialises as the mysterious ‘Neil’, who in the band’s words is “a figure that appears especially during the darkest season. We probably all have our personal devils, wherever we want them or not, it’s just about learning how to live with them.”

The video feels like a Lynchian nightmare, following Neil as he appears as a children’s entertainer, hurtling through the countryside in a custom-built car and finally floating off into a dream world amongst laser beams and planets.

Musically Norma take their kraut influences NEU and Faust, as well as the space rock of Spacemen 3 and Spiritualized. The band formed in a living room in 2007, watching David Lynch movies while experimenting with pedal steel guitars, vintage organs and synthesizers.

After a while, the trio started rehearsing in a bomb shelter and developed a bigger, heavier sound. This led to their debut album “Book of Norma”, followed by the band’s second record “The Invisible Mother” in 2013. Not ones to rush things, over ten years after forming the band are gearing up to release their third full length record in 2018.