Spotify’s under 100,000 listeners list – The artists you need to hear

Posted on 20 January 2023
By Annabel Ostell
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With so many new music acts trying to make it big, plenty of deserving musicians get stuck,
flying under the radar. Here is our list of five artists that you need to have bumping on your pods.

Maybe your Spotify recommendations aren’t pushing you in new directions, these artists will expand your musical horizons, while you daydream of glories coming this year.


This Leeds rock band originally played in 2017 as duo Saul Kane and Louis Bullock, before welcoming Dan on guitar and bassist Ezra in 2020. Inspired by Morissey, Arctic Monkeys and the Stone Roses, the group’s music has been described as “match(ing) jazz to funk to psychedelia within a guitar pop template”. This band is highly underrated, and their debut EP Have It Your Way is a great listen.


Brought up in a quiet Swedish town, Korantemaa has learned to express herself through her entrancing voice. Uploading acoustic song covers since 2015, her staple lofi sound will capture your heart in her original songs. Most notably her 2019 EP Fruit features beautifully-written lyrics, but her newly released debut album skin n bones steps out of her boundaries, and explores great songs outside of the acoustic genre.


Liverpool’s own young generation of post-punk creators takes form in STONE. Describing themselves as “The underground voice for the lost youth” this accomplished group of musicians have toured with the likes of Yungblud, The Wombats and Inhaler. Their newest single punkadonk is a head-banging treat and a recommended listen.


This talented man has had his fair share of musical projects, from his indie rock band Palma Violets, to his second band, Crewel Intentions. Chilli has recently started releasing music as a solo act, his indie pop/rock single Carolina Reaper is a catchy song that makes you want to dance around the room. And there’s no better artist to listen to than one who sells his own brand of hot sauce with his music.


With lead singer Declan being compared to Joe Strummer for his vocals, this Glasgow group are worth a listen. Their songs range from longing ballads to political anthems: the anti-fascist single No Parasan a heavy punk tune that will start many mosh-pits in dark and dank clubs. Releasing music since 2017, this band has a large discography to browse through, and has even played Glastonbury Festival.