Samuel Jack – From pub gigs to performing at Glastonbury

Posted on 24 November 2016
By Kenny Baker
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Introducing Samuel Jack, a singer/songwriter, who launched his debut EP this summer. Having discovered his passion for music late in life, he only started experimenting with music just under two years ago. Having played his first ever gig in a local bar and having been spotted by one of Glastonbury’s bookers, he played his second ever show on one of the world’s most famous stages.

Samuel, the son of film director David Drury, has had an interesting and varied upbringing. He currently lives in a caravan, where he writes and records and enjoys the space of the field within which he is situated.

However, with music his salvation, he notes that this was a real change for him and like many, he is still searching for home – although he has found a home in his music that has fuelled the fire for him. He currently lives in a caravan on a farmer’s field and writes all his music in the new space.

“I had a confusing but very decent childhood in that I was always surrounded by love and I will always be grateful to my father for doing his very best to look after his family – but the notion of ‘Home’ is something of a tricky one for me to grasp.

Its not like I’ve ever been homeless, far from it, I’ve just lived in my fair share of ‘’less comfortable accommodation’’ to put it mildly.

It’s more that I’ve never really felt at home anywhere – I guess my upbringing wasn’t all smooth sailing which has probably contributed to my feeling this way – without really delving into my family and personal life its a hard one to explain.

I’ve had a vague relationship with my mum, since I was young, but there have been gaps of many years in that relationship, in the last couple of years though our bond has got stronger and I’m feeling happier about it all every day – again, hard to explain, I find it difficult to talk about that kinda thing unless it’s on paper – I’m bizarrely quite the open book when I write – so I explain things through songs.

I’ve got nothing to hide. Songwriting is most definitely a cathartic experience for me. I’ll sing about girlfriends, family, happiness, sadness, everything.

I’m hoping my music career will help me with the relationships with some of my family, bring us together, it is already starting to do just that.

Sometimes my family tell me that I ‘shut down’ through my early 20’s and i was hard to connect with – that’s probably true, but for good reason looking back – regardless, it’s coming full circle now, I know who I am, I know what I want to do, what I want to achieve, my eyes are firmly on the prize, and the past is the past – it’s all about the future for me now, and I hope I can make new memories and build bridges as I go.

Once I’ve done that, I want to make my own home. That won’t be for a while, but I want that, badly.

I’m hugely ambitious, don’t get me wrong, I’d love a couple city apartments in New York and London, a country retreat and a time share in the Caribbean – but I’d be more than happy with a little cottage in the countryside, a little garden, and maybe a nice little outhouse where I could record and write.

I want the door to be always open, people coming and going, music always playing, red wine available at all times – and one day i want a family of my own, and I’m going to make damn sure that is a happy one. Life isn’t that perfect I know, call me stupid, but that’s what I want – after a bit of rock n roll of course.”