Robin Thicke’s wife loves his raunchy Blurred Lines vid

Posted on 7 June 2013
By Michelle Gondry
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Robin Thicke revealed that the raunchy video for his number one single Blurred Lines gets his wife hot under the collar.

The song features Pharrell Williams, 40, and T.I., 32, and is about embracing your inner animal.

Viewed over 20million times, the video features a host of topless models dancing around the singer cuddling lambs.

Robin, 37, said: “Some of it was my wife’s idea. My wife is an artist first and wife second.

“She’s my creative partner and muse. She was excited about it right away and loved the video and wanted to watch it like 10 times, then she would jump my bones.”

“It is mostly throwaway fun, but naturally Pharrell and I, being in love with our wives, having kids and loving our mothers, we have a lot of respect for women.

“The way we were seeing it is: ‘I know man tries to domesticate you but you’re an animal, you are just like any man.’

“It is also about the blurred line between a good girl and bad girl, people who want to get naughty.”

Blurred Lines is on course for a second week at No 1 and Robin’s new album Blurred Lines is out next month.