Rihanna keeps fans waiting three hours and is booed off-stage

Posted on 8 May 2013
By Bert Bernstein
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Rihanna left fans waiting more than three hours for a concert in Boston on Monday night, a gig she had already had to postpone due to illness.

The doors opened at 7:30 p.m but the Rude Boy singer took to the stage at 10:30 p.m.

Rihanna’s late arrival wasn’t the only glitch. Opening act A$AP Rocky failed to show up because he was sick.

Several fights allegedly broke out on the floor while the crowd waited. Rumours suggest that the singer had gone to watch the Boston Celtics basketball game, which made her late.

When she finally appeared, Rihanna was booed by the Boston fans.

The Rude Boy singer has made no mention of the incident on her social networking sites, but she posted a photo to Instagram, captioning it: “I will never forget this night!!! I truly have deeper love for you now!!! Thank you for making it extra special!!!”

Rihanna’s Diamonds tour has hit a few speed bumps since it kicked off in March. The singer cancelled her March 10th Boston show due to laryngitis.

Then she was four hours late for a charity-related event at a Chicago high school.

In April, she postponed tour dates in Texas until November – due to illness again.

Have a word with yourself Ri-Ri.