Reuben Wu’s Mixtape Mittwoch

Posted on 26 June 2013
By Reuben Wu Ladytron
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Amber May enlists Ladytron’s Reuben Wu to join the ranks of VJs for the Mixtape Takeover…

Tonight we Fall by ADULT.

One of my favourite tracks from their new album. Adult’s gig at Korova was one of the best shows we booked in that venue. Great vibe, great audience, some fire and a bit of chaos.

Third Uncle by Bauhaus

A classic track from the Evol setlist when we used to run Friday night parties in the basement at HeebieJeebies. Evol was essentially our blueprint for Korova, a collaboration between Revo, Daniel Hunt, Christina Gunther and me.

Open Eye Signal by Jon Hopkins

A track I’ve been enjoying from Jon Hopkins’ new album. Lovely organic electronic music.

Opa by Kolsch

A dance track I’ve been playing in my recent DJ sets, on the Kompakt label.

Moon Palace (ARIISK Remix) by Ladytron

This is one of my favourite tracks off the forthcoming Ladytron remix album which be out in November. Remixed by the minimal wave band ARIISK from Chicago/Los Angeles.

New You by My Bloody Valentine

One of the more upbeat songs from My Bloody Valentine’s new album which broke the internet when it finally came out earlier this year.

Arhuaco (produced by Eyedress) by Skint Eastwood

A beautifully chilled song by my friend Skint Eastwood and producer Eyedress. Has been on my stereo quite a bit this year. Their new album Hearing Colours is due for re-release soon.

The Hunter by Marnie

Amazing new single from Helen’s new solo album which was also produced by Danny. Her new album ‘Crystal World’ has just hit iTunes.

Birds of Prey (Reuben Wu Remix) by Christina Aguilera

My remix of a song I made for Christina Aguilera’s album Bionic in 2010. This was actually a very early Ladytron demo which was originally written for the 2007 album Velocifero.

Drakes by Outfit

I had this on repeat in the car stereo during a long road-trip in France and Spain last year. Superb atmospheric music from Liverpool. Can’t wait for their new album ‘Performance’.

You can hear my new DJ mix here:

I’m currently working on production for some exhibition work of my photography while I’m here in Chicago.

We’re also working on the next Ladytron album.

Listen to Reuben’s dirty squelchy Krautrock-inspired Xtina remix Birds Of Prey