Precocious teen pop star A*M*E makes her UK debut

Posted on 13 April 2012
By Bert Bernstein
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Purple Revolver is digging A*M*E, a talented teen whose brand of infectious, 90’s inspired, quirky pop has already planted her firmly on the radar for 2012. And she gets extra uber-cool points for making her own zine The A*M*E.

Her first release, City Lights was written with 16 year-old sonic wizard MNEK (featuring his brother Bartovan) and the upbeat slice of pop has already clocked up over 140,000 views on YouTube, and featured in the Top 10 on Hypemachine.

Ride or Die follows on from this and is another playful pop collaboration between the two amazingly talented teens with a video to match. If you have a love of pop (or horses for that matter) check it out HERE.

Travelling from war-torn Sierra Leone at the age of eight, A*M*E grew up in South London and having finished school just last year she has been hard at work writing, recording and performing but it doesn’t stop there. A*M*E (aka Amy Kabba) has also been busy creating her own fanzine, called (coincidentally enough) The A*M*E..

Halfway between Just 17 and SuperSuper the magazine is all about A*M*E’s take on the world and her love of fashion, music, the 90’s and everything in between and with the first issue a resounding success, the second is due to hit the streets later this month.