Platinum-selling Swedish stars Johnossi release Weak Spots video

Posted on 10 November 2016
By Khyle Dee
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Swedish duo Johnossi have revealed the live video ‘Weak Spots’, the latest song to be taken from the brand new EP Air Is Free out tomorrow via Polydor/Universal.

The video was filmed during their recent headline show in front of 10,000 fans at Gröna Lund, Stockholm. ‘Weak Spots’ is a booming, stadium-sized rock anthem, which features electrifying performances from commanding frontman John Engelbert and hard-hitting drummer Oskar “Ossi” Bonde.

‘Weak Spots’ follows from the release of the Air Is Free EP title track, which saw the pair cross effortlessly between rock and pop, with huge riffs and bold choruses, bolstered by playful horns and a distinctive choir. Elsewhere on the EP Johnossi get chillingly intimate with ‘Alone In The Summer’, which houses ghostly whistles and cavernous synths creating an eerie glacial reflection of the Wild West. An expansive and euphoric remix of ‘Air Is Free’ from Swedish producer Wikström closes the EP.

With the melodic power of Foo Fighters, the raw grit of Kings Of Leon, and the expansive soundscapes of Imagine Dragons, Johnossi have become one of the biggest rock acts across Scandinavia, winning both a Grammy and two P3 Gold Awards (Radio 1 equivalent) in Sweden for ‘Best Group’.

Johnossi are now breaking internationally. The band are already a major live draw in Germany and have sold out their recent headline London show held in celebration of the Air Is Free EP release, at Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen.