PBSM unveil music video for EP title track Dance Floor (Video)

Posted on 31 January 2018
By Khyle Deen
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Danish alt-rock duo PBSM recently dropped their second EP ‘Dance Floor’ – a five track release that has given them a staunch reputation as a contemporary danceable, dark and cold duo offering a perfect soundtrack for going clubbing incognito.

PBSM are now ready to reveal the video for the EP’s title track which features TED Talk star and Boston Marathon survivor, the All-American dancer, Adrianne Haslet. Adrianne perfectly complements the theme of the song that revolves around going to your happy place, and portrays her battle in getting back to the dance floor after losing her left leg in the tragic Boston Marathon bombings in 2013.

The song initially took form in a basement in Kreuzberg, Berlin where the duo had arranged for a jam and recording session with British, drummer Joe Dilworth (Stereolab, Cavern of Anti-matter). Upon returning to Copenhagen PBSM finished up the recordings and further assistance on the drums was provided by Lasse Herbst (Fallulah, Spektr, Choir of Young Believers).

The film production company Mellow CPH got involved and the idea of bringing in a dancer as the main character telling the story of the song was born. PBSM explain, “We reached out to American dancer Adrianne Haslet to hear if she by any chance would consider flying out to star in our music video. Which she did. And since being told that there was a one in a million chance of ever dancing again after she lost her leg in 2013 she has been struggling to get back to the dance floor – determined to beat the odds. Which she did.”

In 2015, Adrianne danced the foxtrot on the Boston Marathon finish line, in 2016 she crossed that finish line as a runner, and now she appears in PBSM’s music video for their new single “Dance Floor.” In the video, Adrianne shows off her talent, but doesn’t shy away from the difficult (but necessary) parts of healing. When sharing her story, Adrianne is very open about her struggles with the anger and depression that come along with the grieving process, along with her constant striving for progress. These themes come across clearly and poetically in the video as we see Adrianne’s low points intersperse her beautiful, graceful movements.

This poetically underpins the song’s theme of accepting your skills and limits and how such acceptance really sets you free:

“You find peace on the dance floor
On the dance floor – it’s your home
And your bare feet move, you let yourself go on the dance floor
You look beautiful on your own”

PBSM is Lauritz Carlsen (Vox, guitars) and David Tholander (Bass, Drummachine) and started out as a long distance songwriting relationship between Berlin and Copenhagen for a period of one and a half years. During this time the Berlin crowd around the 8mm bar (incl. bands such as The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Spacemen 3, Kadavar, The December Sound, Blue Angel Lounge, Cavern of Anti Matter) and a love for psych and, krautrock, formed the band and the songs from the start. A couple of DIY 7″ releases formed the basis for the band’s debut EP released through Copenhagen-based label Møs Møs.

Live, PBSM are a guitar/bass/drum machine power-duo, making a cacophonic wall of sound through their four amp setup. The duo have already toured with rising UK rock act Nothing But Thieves and artrockers Arrows of Love as well as American noir songwriter Nicole Atkins. It’s time to discover PBSM as they continue to forge a path to your heart while leading you straight to the ‘Dance Floor’.

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